ClearedDirect’s management staff has vast experience in airport management, Part 139 operations, airport & terminal development, above and below wing ground handling services, marketing and client relations.

We specialize in:

   Ground Handling & Ticketing

   Airport Staffing

   Aviation Management


ClearedDirect believes that all passengers deserve the highest level of service from the time they arrive at the airport to when they depart.

Our Philosophies

Personal Touch

Through the synergy of providing terminal operations as well as ground handling, we are able to maintain personal contact with passengers throughout their entire airport experience.

The Big Picture

Understanding the big picture from terminal operations to ground handling allows us to focus on all aspects of passenger movement throughout the entire facility.With this comprehensive view, we can react quicker, solve problems faster and proactively address issues to prevent them from cascading.This prospective also allows for longer term operational planning to insure a quality operation.

Our Identity Doesn’t Matter

When we enter into an agreement with an airport or air carrier, we represent the company & we become that company.From a customer’s point of view, the entire operation should appear as one seamless experience.This creates more than just a team environment; we are one large family working for a common goal with fantastic teamwork and communication.